In 1971, community leaders in Arizona founded the Fiesta Bowl as a nonprofit organization.

We’ve come a long way in that time. Today the Fiesta Bowl is a premier bowl game, having hosted seven collegiate national championships. We also host the Cactus Bowl and numerous events statewide. Our success comes from a dedicated and diverse team of individuals from all walks of life, many volunteering their time and skills. Together we are committed to the organization’s ongoing excellence and to strengthening our community by encouraging volunteerism, athletic achievement and higher education.

Our Mission

The Fiesta Bowl strives to create a positive economic impact for Arizona and focus on the community while having fun.

Our Vision

The Fiesta Bowl's vision is to be a world-class community organization that executes innovative experiences, drives economic growth and champions charitable causes, inspiring pride in all Arizonans.


The Fiesta Bowl has become such an integral part of the college bowl season that it’s easy to forget it’s a relatively young bowl game. In the spirit of the Old West, it took some wheeling and dealing and a little bit of grit from some upstart Arizonans to break into the ranks of the established bowl system. Here are some of the colorful characters, the visionaries and the movers and shakers, who worked together in those early days to make the Fiesta Bowl a reality in 1971.

Meet Our Founders

Board of Directors

Every team needs bold leadership and the Fiesta Bowl Board of Directors is the guiding hand that that keeps the Bowl a perennial success story. Our board sets policies, oversees financing, evaluates events, and determines the Bowl’s future direction.

Meet Our Directors

Yellow Jacket Committee

The Fiesta Bowl Committee is the glue that holds everything together. Made up of a team of community leaders, it works with sponsors, volunteers, staff, and the Board of Directors to support the Fiesta Bowl and other events.

Meet Our Committee


Our Ambassadors support the Fiesta Bowl Committee and entertain the administration, players and guests from the four teams that come in for the Cactus Bowl and the Fiesta Bowl.

Meet Our Ambassadors

Fiesta Bowl Staff

Fiesta Bowl staff are a dedicated group that works diligently year round to make sure our bowl games, events and philanthropic efforts in the community are all huge successes.

Meet Our Staff