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Please review the Volunteer Waiver, Release of Liability & Background Check Disclosure and then sign the agreement at the bottom of the page.

  1. I agree to assist the Fiesta Bowl Organization (comprised of four separate entities: Arizona Sports Foundation, Valley of the Sun Foundation, Fiesta Events, Inc., and Arizona College Football Championship Foundation, collectively known as the “organization”) as a volunteer.
  2. I also understand that I will not be compensated for any time spent volunteering, nor am I entitled to benefits, including employment insurance benefits upon the termination of this agreement or as a result of this service.
  3. I am aware that participation as a volunteer may require certain physical requirements (i.e., standing for long periods of time, lifting objects 15lbs or more) and will require the exercise of reasonable care to avoid injury. I am voluntarily participating in this activity with knowledge of the hazards and potential dangers involved, and agree to accept any and all risks of personal injury and property damage.
  4. The opportunity to volunteer for the organization I hereby agree that I, and my assignees, heirs, guardians, and legal representatives, will not make a claim against or sue the organization or its employees, agents or contractors for injury or damage resulting from the negligence, whether active or passive, or other acts, however caused, by any of its officers, employees, agents, or contractors of the organization as a result of my volunteering. I HEREBY RELEASE AND DISCHARGE THE ORGANIZATION AND ITS OFFICERS, EMPLOYEES, AGENTS AND CONTRACTORS FROM ALL ACTIONS, CLAIMS, OR DEMANDS THAT I, MY HEIRS, GUARDIANS, AND LEGAL REPRESENTATIVES NOW HAVE, OR MAY HAVE IN THE FUTURE, FOR INJURY OR DAMAGE RESULTING FROM MY PARTICIPATION IN THE PROJECT.
  5. I UNDERSTAND THAT IF I AM INJURED IN THE COURSE OF THE PROJECT, I AM NOT COVERED BY THE ORGANIZATION’S WORKERS’ COMPENSATION PROGRAM. I authorize the organization to seek emergency medical treatment on my behalf in case of injury, accident or illness to me arising from my involvement as a volunteer. I understand that I will be responsible for medical costs incurred by such accident, illness or injury.
  6. I understand that the materials and tools provided by the organization are and remain the property of the organization and I agree to return these tools and any remaining materials to the organization at the end of my volunteer service.
  7. I have read and will abide by the Volunteer Code of Conduct and other policies set forth in the volunteer handbook.
  8. I permit the Fiesta Bowl Organization to use my name, any pictures, videos or other uses of my likeness taken while volunteering for the Organization to promote the Fiesta Bowl and its related events.

Disclosure Regarding Background Check
The Fiesta Bowl organization is comprised of four Arizona nonprofit corporations: The Arizona Sports Foundation, Cactus Bowl Foundation, Fiesta Events, Inc., and The Arizona College Football Championship Foundation (collectively, the “Fiesta Bowl organization” or “organization”). The Fiesta Bowl organization will request a background check from a consumer reporting agency which will be used in part to determine your eligibility for a volunteer position within the organization. Thus, you may be the subject of a consumer report or an investigative consumer report which may include a review of database records including but not limited to sex offender registries, child abuse and criminal history records. The Fiesta Bowl organization reserves the right to update its background investigations at any time to the extent permitted by law. You will be notified in the event you are denied an opportunity to participate with the organization, in whole or in part, because of information in any consumer report or investigative consumer report and will have the right, upon written request made within a reasonable time after receipt of such notice, to request disclosure of the nature and scope of the report by contacting LexisNexis Screening Solutions Inc. (“LexisNexis Screening Solutions”), P.O. Box 105108, Atlanta, GA 30348-5108, Phone No.: 1-800-845-6004.

Authorization & Release
I hereby acknowledge and certify that I have received, read and understand the DISCLOSURE REGARDING BACKGROUND CHECK and A SUMMARY OF YOUR RIGHTS UNDER THE FAIR CREDIT REPORTING ACT and that I accept and sign this form voluntarily. I authorize the obtaining of consumer reports and/or investigative consumer reports by the Fiesta Bowl organization during the application process and at any time during the tenure of my volunteer services on behalf of the organization. I also understand and agree that, if appointed, my volunteer status is conditional upon the organization receiving no inappropriate information on my background. I further authorize any individual, company, firm, corporation or public agency (including law enforcement agencies) to furnish any and all information, verbal or written, pertaining to me to the Fiesta Bowl organization and/or LexisNexis Screening Solutions on behalf of the organization. I hereby release and agree to hold harmless from liability the Fiesta Bowl organization, the directors, officers, employees and volunteers thereof, LexisNexis Screening Solutions and/or any other person or organization that may provide such information. I agree that a facsimile, electronic transmission (e.g., .pdf) or photographic copy of this Authorization shall be deemed to be my original signature for all purposes and will be valid for any reports the organization may request.

Background Check Policy and Summary of Your Rights


Volunteer Waiver Agreement

Is volunteer under 18 years of age?

If volunteer is under 18 years of age, parent or guardian must read and sign the following: This release, its significance, and assumption of risk have been explained to and are understood by the minor.