Q. Why am I required to complete a background check?
A. The Fiesta Bowl organization is comprised of four Arizona nonprofit corporations:  The Arizona Sports Foundation dba Fiesta Bowl, Cactus Bowl Foundation, Fiesta Events, Inc., and The Arizona College Football Championship Foundation (collectively, the “Fiesta Bowl organization” or “organization”). As a nonprofit organization, we value the safety of the people whom we serve and our employees and volunteers. We want to take prudent measures to attempt to safeguard people and assets from potential harm. Therefore, the Fiesta Bowl organization has implemented a policy on background checks for volunteers.

Q. Who conducts the background check?
A. Background checks are conducted by LexisNexis Screening Solutions, Inc., P.O. Box 105108, Atlanta, GA 30348-5108, Phone No.: 1-800-845-6004. Click here for a Summary of Your Rights Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Q. What do I have to provide in my background check?
1. A Social Security Verification search which verifies the identity and addresses of the individual.
2. LexisNexis National Criminal File Plus provides a database search of more than 200 million criminal records gathered across all 50 states from multiple criminal record repositories (county repositories may be checked as well to verify convictions or provide more information).
3. A review of the National Sex Offender Registry.
4. Professional assistance in verifying convictions obtained though criminal history reports and researching details of convictions to allow for informed decisions on suitability for volunteer service.

Q. How private is my information?
A. The independent third party service the Fiesta Bowl organization uses for gathering the information necessary to conduct a background check allows the volunteer to go directly to a secure website and enter their information without the need to submit it directly to the Fiesta Bowl organization. In the case of a volunteer without internet access there is a form that can be filled out and sent in confidence to the Volunteer Services Coordinator.

Q. Is there a cost to do the background check?
A. The Fiesta Bowl organization will absorb all fees associated with the background check service.

Q. How long will it take to know if I passed?
A. Due to the high number of volunteers we ask that you are patient with us and give us a full week to process your information. You will be contacted once all three sections of registration are completed and processed.

Q. How old do I have to be to volunteer?
A. Volunteers who have not reached 18 years of age must present a written consent of a parent or guardian to Volunteer services and the Volunteer Waiver and Release of Liability form prior to volunteering.

Q. What is Volunteer Matters?
A. Volunteer Matters is a personal web based coordinating system for volunteers to manage their volunteer accounts and sign-up for shifts. With Volunteer Matters a volunteer is able to track all their volunteer duties, times and other important details that pertain to the events they have volunteered for.

Q. I forgot my Volunteer Matters password; can I change it on my own?
A. Yes. To do so, you must follow the “Click here to reset your password” link on the logon page where it will then prompt you to create a new password. If you would like to reset your password in general you must first login to your account. Click the ME icon in the toolbar and then click the Prefs icon in the toolbar. Lastly, click the Password icon in the toolbar where you will be prompted to create a new password.

Q. How will I know I signed up successfully?
A. The Event & Volunteer Coordinator will be notified when you have completed all three steps within the volunteer registration process.  If you did not complete all three steps properly they will contact you with the proper directions within the week of registering.

Q. Will my information be provided to a third party?
A. No, your information will stay within the Fiesta Bowl Organization and will not be distributed to any third party for solicitation.