Fiesta Bowl Charities to Dedicate ‘Fiesta Bowl Field’ with First Official Field Day

Mar 28, 2016

Fiesta Bowl Charities, the Arizona Sports and Tourism Authority (AZSTA) and Avondale Elementary School District will come together to dedicate the new ‘Fiesta Bowl Field’ and scoreboard at Lattie Coor Elementary and Avondale Middle Schools.

Hosting the first ever event on the field, Playworks and Future For Kids will organize an hour-long field day with more than 200 children and 8 different activity rotations.

Fiesta Bowl Charities partnered with AZSTA, and Avondale Elementary School District on the ‘Play Together, Partner Together, Learn Together’ initiative that will enhance the sports fields and athletic programs for 10 schools in the district, as well as West Valley community groups.

In January, it was announced that Fiesta Bowl Charities would be donating the field from the 2016 Motel 6 Cactus Bowl at Chase Field as well as a scoreboard to the schools.

The second phase of the project, sponsored by AZSTA, the College Football Playoff and the Extra Yard for Teachers, will feature a multi-generational play station/fitness course, bleachers, lighting and renovations to the adjourning soccer field and basketball courts. The second phase is expected to be completed this summer.