Fiesta Bowl Awards - Fiesta Bowl | Fiesta Bowl

Association of Fundraising Professionals

2017 Outstanding Corporation/Foundation Award

Phoenix Business Journal

Corporate Philanthropy Award

Mike Nealy, Most Admired Leader

Jose Moreno, 40 under 40

International Festival & Events Association 

Gold Award

Best Giveaway Item                                                              Team/VIP Gift (French press set)

Best Individual Sponsor Follow Up Report                        PlayStation

Best Volunteer Program

Best Educational Program                                                     Aerospace Challenge

Best New Event                                                                      Par 3 Challenge

Silver Award

Best Event Video Promotion                                                 Par 3 Challenge

Best Event Program                                                               KOL

Best Misc. Printed Materials (Multiple Page)                     CR Book

Best Cover Design                                                                 CB Team Manual

Best Giveaway Item                                                               Spirit Bobble head

Bronze Award

Best Promotional Brochure                                                  Parade

Best Misc. Printed Materials (Single Page)                          Game Tix

Best Company Image Pieces                                                 Business Cards

Best T-shirt Design                                                                 Aerospace

Best Community Outreach Program                                    CR/Wishes

2017 Winners

Gold Award

Best Miscellaneous Printed Materials (Fiesta Bowl Media Playbook) (Multiple Page)

Best Miscellaneous Printed Materials (Fiesta Bowl Game Ticket) (Single Page)

Best Street Banner (National Bank of Arizona Fiesta Bowl Parade)

Best Community Outreach Program (Fiesta Bowl Wishes for Teachers College Football Playoff Extra Yard for Teachers)

Best Give-Away Item (Spirit Children’s Book)

Best Individual Sponsor Follow-up Report (PlayStation)

Best Volunteer Program

Silver Award

Best T-Shirt Design (Honeywell Fiesta Bowl Aerospace Challenge)

Best Educational Program (Honeywell Fiesta Bowl Aerospace Challenge)

Best Event/Program within an Event to Benefit a Cause (Fiesta Bowl Player Outreach Program: Ohio State University)

Bronze Award

Best Miscellaneous On-Site Décor (Fiesta Bowl)

Most Creative/Effective News Stunt (World’s Longest “High Five” Chain)