2017 Wish Recipients - Fiesta Bowl | Fiesta Bowl

Charles Atkins

Grade: 7th – 12th | School: Sedona Red Rock Junior and Senior High School | Location: Sedona
Charles’ wish is for digital media production equipment for the students to produce high quality projects.

Peg Newendyke

Grade: 7th – 8th | School: Santan Junior High | Location: Chandler
Peg’s wish is to purchase two 3D printers in an effort to transform the media center into an interactive space for students to problem solve, collaborate and create real-world authentic material.

Larry Cox

Grade: 7th | School: Foothills | Location: Glendale
Larry’s wish is to have a set of electronic devices for his students to access curriculum material and information to become globally responsible citizens.

Barry Halterman

Grade: 7th – 8th | School: Heritage Academy, Laveen Campus | Location: Laveen
Barry’s wish is to purchase new bats, baseballs, bownets and hitting tees for the school’s baseball team.

Jose Garcia Salcido

Grade: 10th – 12th | School: Amphitheater High School | Location: Tuscon
Jose’s classroom wish is to provide the students with hands-on activities and more engaging activities for physics. This includes access to hand-boilers, a thermal imaging camera, a liquid nitrogen container, magnetic field demonstrators, lasers, a telescope with a solar filter and more!

Stephanie Arturet

Grade: 3rd | School: Santa Cruz Elementary | Location: Maricopa
Stephanie’s wish is for a classroom makeover complete with a Smartboard and flexible seating options for students

Drawing Date: 11/28/2017

Spencer Brown

Grade: 7th | School: Kino Junior High | Location: Mesa
Spencer’s wish is to sponsor a class trip to Washington DC for students to participate in activities that help them understand their role as citizens.

Damon Pieri

Grade: 9th – 12th | School: Sunnyslope High School | Location: Phoenix
Damon’s wish is to purchase necessary equipment for his PE classes and new items for the weight room.

Caitlin Ellison

Grade: K-5th | School: Mary V. Riley Seven Mile Elementary | Location: Whitewater
Caitlin’s wish is to build a classroom library with all new sets of books for novel studies.

Brian McWilliam

Grade: 3rd – 5th | School: Sahuarita Intermediate School | Location: Sahuarita
Brian’s wish to purchase necessary supplies for a new classroom he has recently moved into.

Jamy Myrmel

Grade: 5th | School: Humboldt Elementary | Location: Humboldt
Jamy’s wish is for more science supplies and new technology for the classroom!

Catrina Brown

Grade: 8th | School: Eloy Jr. High School | Location: Eloy
Catrina’s wish is for three flight simulators that will help her students train for real flying and also enough RC planes that students can use RC flying.

Kelly Aliperti

Grade: 3rd | School: Presidio | Location: Tuscon
Kelly’s classroom wish is to add books to the classroom library.

Tisha Marple

Grade: 2nd | School: Encanto Elementary | Location: Phoenix
Tisha’s wish is to be able to take 155 second grade students to Butterly Wonderland to expand upon classroom instruction.

Tami Foley

Grade: 1st | School: Campo Bello Elementary | Location: Phoenix
Tami’s wish is to implement the “Kids at Hope” program into the school. Kids at Hope helps build hope for all students focusing on home and family, education and career, community and service, hobbies and recreation.

Lirio Patton

Grade: 4th | School: Emerson Elementary | Location: Mesa
Lirio’s wish is to purchase classroom laptops and to build a garden for his 4th grade students to tend to and help beautify a public space.

Drawing Date: 11/27/2017

Kaitlyn Williams

Grade: 4th | School: Palomino Intermediate School | Location: Phoenix
Kaitlyn’s wish is to provide a more comfortable learning environment with unique seating arrangements and lighting that helps accommodate to students needs.

Aleshia Wiley

Grade: 3rd | School: Desert Oasis Elementary | Location: Surprise
Aleshia’s wish is for a Smart Board for her third grade classroom.

Donna Raketich

Grade: K – 5th | School: Rover | Location: Tempe

Donna’s wish is to have teacher and student access to Chromebooks for keyboard proficiency along with state and district learning.

Joy Kannapel

Grade: K – 5th | School: Palm Valley Elementary | Location: Goodyear
Joy’s wish is to upgrade the school’s computer lab so the students  have the best technology for coding and word processing.

Maria Abrams

Grade: 9th – 12th | School: Camelback High School | Location: Phoenix
Maria’s wish is to purchase a laser cutter and supplies to implement a cross-curriculum project based learning program for high school students.

J. Sebastian Pagani

Grade: 6th – 12th | School: Veritas Preparatory Academy | Location: Phoenix
Sebastian’s wish is to gain access to props, pairings, manuscripts, replica objects and a laser printer to give ancient language students a better understanding of historical cultures in his class.

Lindsay Davis

Grade: 4th | School: R.E. Simpson Middle School | Location: Phoenix
Lindsay’s wish is to purchase high quality photo equipment, computers and iPads for the yearbooks club.

Christopher Biles

Grade: 9th – 12th | School: LA Joya Community High School | Location: Avondale
Chris’s wish is to purchase a marley dance floor for the school’s dance department.

Sandy Uterhardt

Grade: 5th | School: Imagine Cortez Park | Location: Phoenix
Sandy’s wish is for new technology for the classroom. New computers would help the students so much.

Carolyn Weber

Grade: 4th – 5th | School: Vista Peak | Location: Phoenix
Carolyn’s wish is for each of her students to have their own laptops or iPad to easily be interactive with their classes.

Drawing Date: 11/23/2017

Clarissa Bent

Grade: 7th – 8th Special Education | School: Gilbert Classical Academy | Location: Gilbert
Clarissa’s wish is to implement a cooking program for her special needs students and take them on community field trips to teach them life skills.

Nikki Foster

Grade: 9 – 12th | School: Leading Edge Academy | Location: Gilbert
Nikki’s wish is to incorporate technology into her classroom for greater access to historical sites, documents and novels.

Susan Lindberg

Grade: 9th – 12th | School: Saguaro High School | Location: Scottsdale Unifies School District
Susan’s wish is to purchase a series of supplies for her Engineering, Robotics and Biotechnology students including a printer and mug/hat press.

Chloe Beazer

Grade: 10th | School: American Leadership Academy | Location: Queen Creek
Chloe’s wish is to purchase a classroom set of graphing calculators so students are better prepared for upper level math courses.

Nicole Van Iwaarden

Grade: 7th | School: Cholla Middle School | Location: Phoenix
Nicole’s wish is to purchase a classroom set of Chromebooks to improve her math lessons through technology.

Shawn Copeland

Grade: 9th -12th | School: Raymond S. Kellis High School | Location: Glendale
Shawn’s wish is to improve the overall look and feel of the school weight room

Emma Crotty

Grade: 3rd | School: Falcon Hill Elementary | Location: Mesa
Emma’s wish is for each of her students to have their own computer for project based learning and inquiry learning and research done on computers.

Lydia McBride

Grade: 3rd | School: Maurice C. Cash | Location: Phoenix
Lydia’s wish is to provide each student with a book bag and more engaging reading text to enrich their literacy skills.

Barbara Burt

Grade: 11th – 12th | School: Cactus Shadows High School | Location: Scottsdale
Barbara’s wish is for a new refrigerator and freezer for the culinary arts classes

Drawing Date: 11/21/2017

Jessica Bednar

Grade: 3rd | School: Imagine Rosefield Charter | Location: Surprise
Jessica’s wish is for each one of her students to have their own Chromebook to allow them more access to STEM activities.

Angela Lechter

Grade: Kindergarten | School: Whispering Wind Academy | Location: Phoenix
Angela’s wish is to have alternative seating for her kindergarten students to make them comfortable and properly fit their needs.

Baylee Jensen

Grade: 5th | School: Palomino Intermediate School | Location: Phoenix
Baylee’s wish is to purchase new reading material for her fifth grade students along with supplies to integrate art into the classroom and to implement a recycling program.

Adriana Diaz

Grade: 3rd | School: Cordova Elementary School | Location: Phoenix
Adriana’s wish is to fully furnish her third grade classroom and to include flexible seating options so students remain focused on tasks.

Racheal Sampson

Grade: 9th – 11th | School: Barry Goldwater High School | Location: Phoenix
Racheal’s wish is for her students to be able to go on field trips to expose them to real-wold settings and to start an integration program for students with disabilities.

Monika Shook

Grade: Preschool | School: Buckeye Elementary Preschool | Location: Buckeye
Monica’s wish is to have a library accessible for her preschool students to begin learning to read.

Drawing Date:

Amy Doll

Grade: 9th – 12th | School: American Leadership Academy | Location: Queen Creek
Amy’s wish is to have the necessary computer lab, smart boards and Chromebooks for her special education program to help with writing and typing papers.

Matison Jensen

Grade: 8th | School: Taylor Junior High School | Location: Mesa
Matison’s wish is to purchase 50 Texas Instruments Graphing Calculators for her Pre-Algebra students.

Sheri Zastrow

Grade: 1st | School: Kyrene Monte Vista | Location: Phoenix
Sheri’s wish is to be able to take her class on a series of field trips to multiple locations.

Luci Eblin

Grade: 1st | School: Liberty Elementary School | Location: Buckeye
Luci’s wish is to provide Chromebooks to the K-3 grade students.

Courtney Green

Grade: 9th-12th | School: Westview High School | Location: Avondale
Courtney’s wish is to take her lifeskills students on more fieldtrips to help them find job opportunities and to purchase classroom computers.

Drawing Date: 11/17/2017

Darlene Moser

Grade: 2nd | School: Crimson Elementary | Location: Mesa
Darlene’s wish is to provide one-to-one laptops in her classroom for enrichment and remediation purposes.

Marissa Morningstar

Grade: Special education K-4th | School: Sundance Elementary School | Location: Buckeye
Marissa’s wish is to install new stage lighting and lighting trusses for the drama club that puts on an annual musical inclusive of over 60 students.

Victoria Samudio-Rodriguez

Grade: 5th | School: Mitchell Elementary | Location: Phoenix
Victoria’s wish would be to buy brand new in-style uniforms for her students, complete with one of each color shirt and one of each color bottom, plus shoes and a hygiene care kit.

Sandra Marcias-Millan

Grade: 6th-8th | School: Kyrene Del Pueblo Middle School | Location: Chandler
Sandra’s wish is to increase the Culinary Arts budget for food and supplies that will enhance students knowledge in the culinary field.

Michael Grandinetti

Grade: 10th | School: Independence High School | Location: Glendale
Michael’s wish is to purchase a set of Chromebooks to begin using Google Classroom and push curriculum content to a new level.

Tricia Cutler

Grade: K-8th | School: Marionneaux Elementary | Location: Buckeye
Tricia’s wish is to purchase iPads for her art students to be able to combine art education with technology to enhance the artistic experience.

Clara Amaro

Grade: 7th-8th | School: Desert Foothills Middle School | Location: Phoenix
Clara’s wish is to have access to her own set of Chromebooks and computers for herself and her resource students.

Ronald Summerhill

Grade: Preschool – 12th | School: Vista Peak | Location: Phoenix
Ronald’s wish is for new iPads.

Tamara Rosati

Grade: 2nd – 3rd | School: Marshall Ranch | Location: Glendale
Tamara’s wish is for sensory friendly equipment for autistic students in the classroom. With new desks and alternative lighting, the students will be able to focus on their studies and be successful in the classroom.

Erika Lopez

Grade: 2nd | School: John F Kennedy Elementary | Location: Phoenix
Erika’s wish is to utilize flexible seating options including balance balls, standing desks, wiggle chairs and more.

Shellie Fayen

Grade: 4th | School: Tomahawk Elementary School | Location: Phoenix
Shellie’s wish is to expose her students to fine arts through theater productions and ballet.

Jessica Stilwell

Grade: 5th | School: Mesquite | Location: Casa Grande
Jessica’s wish is for new Chromebooks for the classroom.

Drawing Date: 11/16/2017

Mindy Przeor

Grade: K – 6th | School: Zaharis | Location: Mesa
Mindy’s wish is for new tumbling mats and pull-up bars to enhance the fitness of her PE students.

Ray Portela

Grade: 9th – 12th | School: Sunnyslope High School | Location: Phoenix
Ray’s wish is to create a new weight room with proper equipment for PE classes.

Angela Falleur

Grade: 2nd | School: Thew Elementary School | Location: Tempe
Angela’s wish is for iPads for the second grade classroom.

Maria Henry

Grade: Special Education K – 5th | School: Spitalny | Location: Avondale
Maria’s wish is to revamp their playground and purchase a Recess Comprehensive Package to reduce playground referrals and to help students learn the importance of teamwork.

Tyson Kartler

Grade: 9th -12th | School: Paradise Valley High School | Location: Phoenix
Tyson’s wish is for a Robotics workspace makeover with new floors, to add a practice field and to purchase new cordless tools.

Debra Abramson

Grade: K – 8th | School: Norterra Canyon School | Location: Phoenix
Debra’s wish is to implement a dance program to be taught in all primary classes during physical education courses.

Chelsea Buss

Grade: 7th – 12th | School: American Leadership Academy Gilbert North Campus | Location: Gilbert
Chelsea’s wish is to purchase the necessary costumes and materials needed for her students to perform choreographed dance routines utilized for self expression.

Jeff Lyons

Grade: 6th | School: Sierra Verde Stem Academy | Location: Glendale
Jeff’s wish is to inspire the students to dream big by starting an after-achool drone club with all the necessary equipment!

Tammy Fish

Grade: 5th | School: Campo Bello Elementary School | Location: Phoenix
Tammy’s wish is to support the implementation of PBIS and purchase school wide incentives for students to make good choices and support their social, emotional and academic growth.

Heather Glass

Grade: Kindergarten | School: Houston Elementary | Location: Gilbert
Heather’s wish is to purchase six iPad minis for her students to reinforce math and reading skills via technology applications.

Suzanna Case

Grade: 5th | School: Sunburst Elementary | Location: Glendale
Suzanna’s wish is to purchase Chromebooks for her classroom to create research opportunities and differentiated education programs.

Natalie Short

Grade: 1st | School: Adams Elementary | Location: Mesa
Natalie’s wish is to help beautify the appearance of the school and to purchase new furniture for her first grade classroom.

Jaron Rheinlander

Grade: 6th | School: Gilbert Arts Academy | Location: Gilbery
Jaron’s wish is to purchase classroom technology and revamp his room to make it a more comfortable and friendly learning environment.

Drawing Date: 11/15/2017

Chris Hazeltine

Grade: 8th | School: Sonoran Trails Middle School | Location: Phoenix
Chris’ wish is for new reliable laptops for the classroom!

Kayla Sereno

Grade: Kindergarten | School: Coyote Ridge Elementary | Location: Glendale
Kayla’s wish is to purchase tablets for each student in her class to enhance their reading and math curriculum.

Peggy Pitts

Grade: 5th | School: Tumbleweed | Location: Phoenix
Peggy’s wish is for the professional development room to have a SMART TV and a station of Chromebooks.

Marisol Alber

Grade: 1st | School: Las Sendas | Location: Mesa
Marisol’s wish is for magnetic wordbuilders and for a new set of tablets.

Mike Peterson

Grade: 9th -12th | School: Red Mountain High School | Location: Mesa
Mike’s wish is to update and makeover the football team’s locker room.

Drawing Date: 11/14/2017

Jeffrey Shedroff

Grade: 7th-8th | School: Cholla Middle School | Location: Phoenix
Jeffrey’s wish is for 20 new tables and chairs for the students in the special needs classroom.

Lydia MacKay

Grade: Preschool – 5th | School: Kivia Elementary | Location: Scottsdale
Lydia’s wish is for basic level iPads for her preschoolers to establish language and social/emotional skills.

Jolene Gallup

Grade: K – 6th | School: San Marcos Elementary | Location: Chandler
Jolene’s wish is to update the tables and chairs in the school library.

Yolanda Wheelington

Grade: 1st – 3rd | School: Shaw Montessori | Location: Phoenix
Yolanda’s wish is for an educational trip for the students to visit the Desert Outdoor Center at Lake Pleasant in Peoria, Arizona.

Shannon Post

Grade: All | School: Presidio School | Location: Tuscon
Shannon’s wish is to purchase 14 Chromebooks to extend learning to extend learning and engagement beyond the school walls.

Priscilla Wong

Grade: 1st | School: Bologna Elementary | Location: Chandler
Priscilla’s wish is for new iPads for the classroom to improve small-group reading and math lessons, to research topics for study during science and social studies and to document and share their learning with family members and the school community.

Julie Zemojtel

Grade: 9th – 12th | School: Lake Havasu High | Location: Lake Havasu City
Julie’s wish is for a new set of Chromebooks for the classroom.

Megan Janke

Grade: 1st | School: Imagine Coolidge Elementary | Location: Coolidge
Megan’s classroom wish is for a new set of tablets for her students!

Drawing Date: 11/13/2017

Amy Gauthier

Grade: 4th | School: Amy Houston Academy | Location: Phoenix
Amy’s wish is for new and updated technology for the classroom.

Barbara Cajowski

Grade: 3rd | School: Peralta Trail | Location: Gold Canyon
Barbara’s wish is for a school laminator and supplies to go with it!

Jennifer Hagen

Grade: 4th | School: Pioneer Elementary | Location: Gilbert
Jennifer’s wish is for 10 new Chromebooks for the classroom along with flexible seating options for the students including yoga balls, stools and floor pillows.

Margaret Precup

Grade: Special Education – Early Childhood Education | School: Jordan Center for Early Education | Location: Chandler
Margaret’s wish is to create a outdoor classroom where students can learn about nature and develop their skills in a nature-rich environment.

 Drawing Date: 11/10/2017

Karen Thomas

Grade: 4th | School: Bernard Black Elementary | Location: Phoenix
Karen’s wish is for a classroom makeover.

Sarah Broderick

Grade: 4th | School: Lincoln Elementary | Location: Prescott
Sarah’s wish is for a complete classroom makeover complete with new organization materials, new books and more!

Christina MacDonald

Grade: 3rd – 5th Special Education | School: John M. Andersen Elementary | Location: Chandler
Christina’s wish is to purchase tablets for her special needs students.

Deb Wakefield

Grade: 1st | School: Rover Elementary School | Location: Tempe
Deb’s wish is for new technology for the classroom including iPads, headphones and a smart board.

Sarah Rojo

Grade: Middle School | School: Sunland Elementary | Location: Phoenix
Sarah’s wish is to offer a summer STEM camp for students to attend.

Drawing Date: 11/09/2017

Mayra Marquez-Mendez

Grade: 2nd | School: Arizona Charter Academy | Location: Surprise
Mayra’s classroom wish is for new Chromebooks for the classroom.

Lauren Miles

Grade: 4th | School: Tavan Elementary | Location: Phoenix
Lauren’s wish is to provide the students with flexible seating options in the classroom.

Susan Gefroh

Grade: 1st | School: Kenilworth | Location: Phoenix
Susan’s wish is for a quiet reading corner for the classroom complete with comfortable chairs and new books.

Vicki Robinson

Grade: 6th | School: Imagine Prep Surprise | Location: Surprise
Vicki’s wish is for Chromebooks in order for her students to easily utilize google classroom and take online assessments.

Joe Ryan

Grade: 8th-9th | School: Western School of Science and Technology | Location: Phoenix
Joe’s wish is for his class to finish the outdoor classroom and start a t-shirt printing business to practice STEM programming, construction and entrepreneurship.

Drawing Date: 11/08/2017

Marissa Inzunza

Grade: 4th | School: Ashland Ranch Elementary | Location: Gilbert
Marissa’s classroom wish is for a classroom makeover.

Maureen Love

Grade: | School: The Learning Center Developmental Preschool | Location: Scottsdale
Maureen’s wish is for sets of quality children’s books to support themed curriculum.

Becky Schout

Grade: K – 6th Physical Education | School: Arizona Desert Elementary | Location: Tolleson
Becky’s wish is to purchase a variety of fitness and sport equipment for the PE classes to instill a love for exercise in the students.

Kimberly Foulger

Grade: 11th-12th | School: East Valley Institute of Technology | Location: Mesa
Kimberly’s wish is to purchase a quantity of fabrics for their annual fashion and interior design show.

Mary Beth Gray

Grade: K – 3rd | School: Gray Wilson Elementary | Location: Oro Valley
Mary Beth’s wish is to purchase tablets for her resource classroom in order to provide interactive lessons.

Drawing Date: 11/07/2017

Jennifer Malloy

Grade: 5th | School: Macarthur Elementary School | Location: Mesa
Jennifer’s wish is to upgrade her classroom theme and purchase necessary supplies such as white boards, chair compartments, art materials and new computers.

Melissa Matias

Grade: 2nd | School: Huachuca Mountain Elementary | Location: Sierra Vista
Melissa’s wish is to revamp her classroom into a technology friendly environment and more comfortable and innovative space.

Trent McDowell

Grade: 8th – 12th | School: Basis Flagstaff | Location: Flagstaff
Trent’s wish is for biology lab equipment necessary for inquiry-based learning.

Connie Sandoval

Grade: 8th | School: Highland Lakes | Location: Glendale
Connie’s wish is for new computers for the mathematics classroom.

Kathleen Burton

Grade: 4th | School: Thompson Ranch Elementary | Location: El Mirage
Kathleen’s wish is for the FOSS kits for the science program that further the student’s understanding of electricity and magnetism.

Faith Meyer

Grade: 2nd | School: Roosevelt | Location: Mesa
Faith’s wish is to integrate Legos into the classroom and afterschool to engage the students in problem solving.

Christi Owens

Grade: K-9th | School: Basis Goodyear | Location: Goodyear
Christi’s wish is for iPads, a 3D printer and makerspace supplies for the engineering class.

Londa Gilmore

Grade: K – 5th | School: Fowler Elementary School | Location: Phoenix
Londa’s wish is to purchase leveled readers so that each student will be able to read independently.