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Drawing Date: 12/13/2016

Maureen Holt

Grade: 6th – 8th | School: Humboldt Elementary School | Location: Humboldt, AZ

Maureen’s wish is to replace the sound system in the gym.

Beth Perry

Grade: 3rd | School: Sahuaro School | Location: Phoenix, AZ

Beth’s wish is to update the technology in her third grade classroom so that her students can be more tech savvy.

Rosie Evans

Grade: 6th – 12th | School: Grand Canyon School District #4 | Location: Grand Canyon, AZ

Rosie’s wish is to raise awareness of healthy lifestyle choices and keeping the school and community active by participating or supporting initiatives that focus on exercise!

Josie Gutierrez

Grade: K – 3rd | School: P.T. Coe Elementary | Location: Phoenix, AZ

Josie’s wish is to purchase six iPads and headphones with microphones for her special needs classroom.

Rosario Gaytan-Rojas

Grade: 9th – 12th | School: Alhambra High School | Location: Phoenix, AZ

Rosario’s wish is for Apple iPads for the high school students!

Helen M. First

Grade: 2nd | School: Chinle Unified School District #24 | Location: Chinle, AZ

Helen’s wish is to mold her students into awesome readers by providing them with individual book bags filled with books at their reading level. Helen, a Navajo teacher that works in the central part of the Navajo Nation, is concerned about the lack of literature available for students and believes that personalized book bags would make a positive difference for her students.

Allison Culley

Grade: 6th & 7th Math | School: Ira Murphy Elementary School | Location: Peoria, AZ

Allison’s wish is to improve the house program. This program makes children feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves & celebrates their academic, behavioral and social successes.

Teresa Bettis

Grade: 9th – 12th | School: Sahuarita High School | Location: Sahuarita, AZ

Teresa’s wish is for a 3-D printer and possibly other STEM items such as Little Bits Kits, robotic kits, LEGOS and more! These items will assist students with creative problem solving and innovative project creation.

Drawing Date: 12/14/2016

Holly Shupe

Grade: 4th – 6th | School: Burk Elementary | Location: Gilbert, AZ

Holly’s wish is to renew the license for Reflex Math! This online math facts program helps to individualize instruction for the students of her special needs classroom.

Courtney Ross

Grade: 1st | School: Boulder Creek Elementary | Location: Phoenix, AZ

Courtney’s wish is to purchase a completely new set of library books, and balance ball chairs for each student!

Jenna Frisby

Grade: 4th | School: Roadrunner Elementary | Location: Phoenix, AZ

Jenna’s wish is for Chromebooks for her students to use on a daily basis.

Jessica Fatina

Grade: K-2 Special Education | School: Rogers Ranch | Location: Laveen, AZ

Jessica’s wish is for sensory materials such as sand, play-dough or even the use of a swing to calm student nerves and improve academic, cognitive and social skills.

Rahnna Nichols

Grade: 1st | School: Charlotte Patterson Elementary | Location: Gilbert, AZ

Rahnna’s wish is for the means to teach students using hands on activities including computer technology, art projects and music!

Crissy Faye

Grade: 7th | School: Oakwood Elementary | Location: Peoria, AZ

Crissy’s wish is for laptops in the classroom! Technology is extremely important in the classroom and continues to become increasingly important as time goes on.

Dena Cady

Grade: 11th | School: Metro Tech High School | Location: Phoenix, AZ

Dena’s wish is to purchase new teaching manikins that are used to teach the nursing skills needed for students to pass the State Board of Nursing CAN testing.

Mary Mcgraw

Grade: 1st | School: Anza Trail School | Location: Sahuarita, AZ

Mary’s wish is to have non-fiction books to integrate science & social studies concepts into reading instruction! Exposure to these texts will enable the children to build background knowledge which is the foundation of comprehension.

Drawing Date: 12/13/2016

Kelly Greene

Grade: 6th | School: Porfirio H. Gonzalez Elementary | Location: Tolleson, AZ

Kelly’s wish is to have a student’s news studio for the student council students so that they can prepare the daily news for their school!

Francisca Sotelo

Grade: 3rd | School: Bradley Creemos Academy | Location: Goodyear, AZ

Francisca’s wish is to have electronic devices for all the students in the school.

Julie Lorch

Grade: 1st | School: Alta E. Butler Elementary School | Location: Phoenix, AZ

Julie’s wish is to improve her classroom library!

Rosalva Lagunas

Grade: 2nd | School: Hermosa Vista | Location: Mesa, AZ

Rasalva’s wish is for two sets of Dashh and Dot robots and two iPad minis to teach the students the basics of computer programming!

Heather Battaglia

Grade: K – 8th | School: Jasinski Elementary School | Location: Buckeye, AZ

Heather’s wish is for new PE equipment that would be durable to last long-term.

Sarah Thebo

Grade: 2nd | School: Emerson Elementary | Location: Phoenix, AZ

Sarah’s wish is for a set of Chromebooks to better meet the learning needs for her students.

Marieluise Taylor

Grade: 4th | School: Washington Elementary School | Location: Phoenix, AZ

Marieluise’s wish is to have a new set of laptops or tablets to use in her classroom!

Drawing Date: 12/12/2016

Jordyn Dudley

Grade: 7th | School: Granada East School | Location: Phoenix Arizona

Jordyn’s wish is to purchase 3-ring binders for her 7th grade students to teach the importance of organization and good study habits.

Laura Miller

Grade: 6th | School: Richardson Elementary | Location: Tucson, Arizona

Laura’s wish is to fund a yearly education field trip to the Grand Canyon!

Emily Linck

Grade: 6th – 12th | School: Northland Preparatory Academy | Location: Flagstaff, Arizona

Emily’s wish is to have fidget toys and kinesthetic furniture for students with special needs. These items will create a more positive classroom environment for students with special needs.

Kate Dyament

Grade: K – 2nd | School: Kathryn Sue Simonton Elementary | Location: San Tan Valley, AZ

Kate’s wish is to remodel the school garden that provides healthy lunch options for the students!

Drawing Date: 12/11/2016

Tracey Antista

Grade: K – 6th Special Education | School: J. Robert Hendricks Elementary | Location: Tucson, Arizona

Tracey’s wish is for new furniture of for the special education students!

Yasmin Khatoun

Grade: Special Education | School: Desert Willow Elementary School | Location: Tucson, Arizona

Yasmin’s wish is to create a technology center consisting of 5-7 devices for the students in special education.

Sheri Mendoza

Grade: 8th | School: Apollo Middle School | Location: Tucson, Arizona

Sheri’s wishi s to purchase various types of steating including wobble stools, stationary seats with pedals and bean bags for her special ecucation classroom.

Ellen Miller

Grade: 5th | School: Madison Number One Middle School | Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Ellen’s wish is for Chromebooks in the classroom.

Sherry Olofson

Grade: 9th – 12th | School: Globe High School | Location: Globe, Arizona

Sherry’s wish is for additional sets of Chromebooks for Globe High School!

Amanda Poppe

Grade: K – 3rd | School: Basis Scottsdale Primary | Location: Scottsdale, Arizona

Amanda’s wish to create a room full of reusable props, makeup, and costumes for the drama classes to use!

Monique Moreno

Grade: 5th | School: Kings Ridge Preparatory Elementary | Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Monique’s wish is to buy books and tablets for the kids!

Nina Godlewski

Grade: 9th – 12th | School: Canyon del Oro High School | Location: Oro Valley, Arizona

Nina’s wish is to add computers to the intervention lab that will enable struggling students from the traditional classroom and provide interventions in a smaller setting.

Drawing Date: 12/10/2016

Anamaria Ortiz

Grade: High School | School: Northland Preparatory Academy | Location: Flagstaff, Arizona

Anamaria’s wish is to improve the technology of her classroom!

Kelley Thomas

Grade: 6th, 7th & 8th | School: Coronado K-12 School | Location: Tucson, Arizona

Kelley’s wish is for stand up desks, task chairs, beanbags and technology for the classroom including a colored printer and more computers.

Caitlin Wiggin-Carlton

Grade: 4th, 5th & 6th | School: American Leadership Academy | Location: Mesa, Arizona

Caitlin’s wish is to improve her special education classroom by adding a Smartboard and sensory items including privacy walls, weighted vests, yoga ball sand fidgets.

Chris Voutsas

Grade: 8th | School: Emily Gray Junior High School | Location: Tucson, Arizona

Chris’ wish is for Chromebooks in the classroom!

Jeanine Rometty

Grade: Kindergarten | School: Aire Libre Elementary | Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Jeanine’s wish is to purchase more equipment for outdoor activities!

Maria Markgraf

Grade: 2nd | School: Curiel Primary School | Location: Eloy, Arizona

Maria’s wish is to purchase 50 tablets for all 2nd grade classes at Curiel Primary School!

Cori Long

Grade: K – 6th | School: Neely Traditional Academy | Location: Gilbert, Arizona

Cori’s wish is to create a reading resource room!

Drawing Date: 12/09/2016

Amanda McGuire

Grade: 1st | School: Copper Rim Elementary School | Location: Globe, Arizona

Amanda’s wish is to bring technology to first graders in hopes of bringing their ideas to life by purchasing one class set of Chromebooks to be shared with all five of their first grade classrooms.

Jamy Sunderland

Grade: 4th, 5th & 6th | School: Palomino Intermediate | Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Jamy’s wish is to purchase new student uniforms and to update some technology that is outdated such as Chromebooks and headphones!

Leslie Mull

Grade: 9th & 10th | School: Campo Verde High School | Location: Gilbert, Arizona

Leslie’s wish is for more funding for the No Place for Hate Club! This funding will help train sophomores, juniors and seniors work with freshmen in order to make the school a place where people are treated with respect.

Mayra Hernandez-Sias

Grade: 4th | School: Desert Meadows Elementary School | Location: Laveen, Arizona

Mayra’s wish is for school supplies for science experiments!

Jeanne Blum

Grade: 5th | School: Nikolaus Homestead | Location: Show Low, Arizona

Jeanne’s wish is for laptops for the class so the students can use google classroom daily!

Wendy Skelton

Grade: Pre-Kindergarten | School: James W. Rice Primary | Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Wendy’s wish would be to provide a Scholastic subscription for students AND an onsite field trip for their students! A petting zoo, zoo encourter, puppet show or science on wheels experience for the children would be incredible!

Sharmin Khan

Grade: 9th & 10th | School: Casteel High School | Location: Queen Creek, Arizona

Sharmin’s wish is to purchase a new set of graphing calculators.

Gabriela Medina

Grade: 2nd | School: Indian Oasis Elementary School | Location: Sells, Arizona

Medina’s wish is to have classroom iPads providing students access to many apps that would help open doors to additional learning.

Drawing Date: 12/08/2016

Alessandra Jenkins

Grade: 5th | School: Sienna Hills Odyssey Preparatory Academy | Location: Buckeye, Arizona

Alessandra’s wish is to have laptops in her classroom.

Monique Dunlap

Grade: Library | School: Country Place Leadership Academy | Location: Tolleson, Arizona

Monique’s wish is for the library to have a collection of books from Perma-Bound that will help and inspire students to be leaders. These collections will also inspire teachers and provide easy and accessible resources for the students.

Cheryl Fortier

Grade: 6th – 8th | School: Verrado Middle School | Location: Litchfield Park, Arizona

Cheryl’s wish is for more band instruments for students who cannot afford them and performance music for concerts.

John McBride

Grade: Middle School | School: Avalon Elementary School | Location: Apache Junction, Arizona

John’s wish is to purchase new laptops. With this wish Avalon Elementary will have at least one classroom set of laptops for the students to use to enhance their learning.

Emily Tobler

Grade: 9th – 12th | School: AAEC South Mountain | Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Emily’s wish is for a nice shed built in order to properly store the hay and tack for the equine program. The program allows inner city students to experience the bond they can build with a horse while also teaching them responsibility.

John Carroll

Grade: 9th – 12th | School: Westview High School | Location: Avondale, Arizona

John’s wish is to purchase new equipment in the weight room for physical education classes and athletics programs.

Donna Hartell

Grade: 6th | School: Papago Elementary | Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Donna’s wish is for drones for her students to learn more about the technology used and how it is applied in real-life situations.

Drawing Date: 12/07/2016

Jennifer George

Grade: 4th & 5th Special Education | School: Washington Elementary School | Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Jennifer’s wish is to have I-Pads to expose her students to technology and increase their overall academics.   (Remainder selected by Diamondbacks’ Derrick Hall and Luis Gonzalez, and Baxter)

Thomas Aron

Grade: 3rd – 6th | School: Alta Vista Elementary | Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Thomas’ wish is to provide musical instruments for string, band and general education classes.

Mikel Greene

Grade: 6th | School: Esmond Station K-8 | Location: Tucson, Arizona

Mikel’s wish is to purchase science lab materials for demonstrations and hands on experiments.

Julia Wooten

Grade: 2nd | School: Patterson Elementary | Location: Gilbert, Arizona

Julia’s wish is to have a complete set of Chromebooks for her class. This technology will be used for coding instruction, writing and reading classes as well as a variety of math programs.

Linda Sadusky

Grade: 4th – 6th | School: Pioneer Elementary | Location: Gilbert, Arizona

Linda’s wish is to purchase the TenMarks digitalized and individualized math program, two new sets of calculators and a subscription to Math magazine for each of her students.

Susie Lewis

Grade: 1st | School: Sunset Heights | Location: Peoria, Arizona

Susie’s wish is for ten Gaiam Stay-N-Play Balance Balls. These flexible seats will keep the students’ engaged and allow soft movements while learning.

Gail Hayes

Grade: K – 5th | School: Moon Mountain Elementary School | Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Gail’s wish is for materials for her special needs classroom. These materials would include therapy sand and stress balls which improve behavioral issues that interfere with learning.

Drawing Date: 12/06/2016

Chelsea Stinson

Grade: 1st | School: CASA Academy | Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Chelsea’s wish is for tablets for math & reading, giving her students the opportunity to enhance their learning.

Erin Johnson

Grade: 2nd | School: Lookout Mountain Elementary | Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Erin’s wish is to purchase 15 iPad minis!

Destinee Armstrong

Grade: 4th | School: Sunset Elementary School | Location: Glendale, Arizona

Chromebooks in the classroom is Destinee’s wish!

Alvina Green

Grade: 9th – 12th | School: Prescott High School | Location: Prescott, Arizona

Alvina’s wish is to purchase a 3-D printer and filament that would increase the engagement of STEM students!

Jessica Castillo

Grade: 6th | School: Rincon Vista Middle School | Location: Tucson, Arizona

Jessica’s wish is to fund activities to make 6th graders feel welcome to their new school! Once a month, the 8th graders have lunch, run games, movie nights, dances and more with the 6th graders to make them feel like part of the middle school.

Kristin Grasso

Grade: 8th | School: Stetson Hills School | Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Kristin’s wish is to purchase science curriculum and educational materials for the 8th grade science classes.

Michelle Martelli

Grade: 7th – 8th | School: Desert Sky Middle School | Location: Glendale, Arizona

Michelle’s wish is for iPod touches for the students to use in class providing them the ability to take photos, recordings, videos and more building their student portfolios.

Drawing Date: 12/05/2016

Tracy Contreras

Grade: Kindergarten | School: Copper Trails School | Location: Goodyear, Arizona

Tracy’s wish is to have a classroom library filled with grade level appropriate books to get her kids excited about reading.

Katrina Toth

Grade: 7th & 8th | School: Payne Junior High | Location: Peoria, Arizona

Katrina’s wish is for multiple faster, better quality cameras that the yearbook students could use to capture photos around campus!

Louis Kireopoulos

Grade: 11th & 12th | School: Linda Abril Educational Academy | Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Louis’ wish is to have e-readers in his class!

Stacey York

Grade: 1st | School: Cheyenne Traditional School | Location: Scottsdale, Arizona

Stacey’s wish is to have some iPads/tablets to use with students on a reading program called Accelerated Reader.

James D’Amico

Grade: 4th – 8th | School: Edison Elementary School | Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Jame’s wish is to buy new musical instruments, books and equipment for the music program.

Sheri Pierce

Grade: Multiple | School: Houston Elementary School | Location: Gilbert, Arizona

Sheri’s wish is to create a makers space with robotics and a 3D printer to increase STEM learning for her students.

Drawing Date: 12/04/2016

Leonora Baltazar

Grade: K-3 Special Education | School: Longview Elementary | Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Leonora’s wish is for a complete set of teacher and student materials for a reading intervention program called S.P.I.R.E (Specialized Program Individualizing Reading Excellence).

Baily Green

Grade: 2nd | School: John B. Wright Elementary School | Location: Tucson, Arizona

Baily’s wish is to purchase stand-up desks for the students

Monica Valdez

Grade: 3rd – 6th | School: J. Robert Hendricks Elementary School | Location: Tucson, Arizona

Monica’s wish is for twenty (20) Chromebooks to support students’ unique learning and individual needs!

Lisa Liberta

Grade: 6th – 8th | School: Kyrene Altadena Middle School | Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Lisa’s wish is for Vex Robotics for the classroom so that the students can use their knowledge of coding and building to be creative and to see another aspect of computer science.

Carisa Sharrett

Grade: 6th – 8th Special Education | School: Wigwam Creek Middle School | Location: Litchfield Park, Arizona

Carisa’s wish is to build a sensory space for students with sensory processing disorders!

Stella Peper

Grade: Physical Education | School: New River Elementary | Location: New River, Arizona

Stella’s wish is for new physical education equipment.

Sue Latta

Grade: 9th – 12th | School: Sunnyside High School | Location: Tucson, Arizona

Sue’s wish is to improve the Devil Dollar Store program at her school, increasing school involvement, spirit and ownership while creating a rewarding environment.

Marissa Chavez

Grade: Kindergarten | School: Bret Tarver Elementary | Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Marissa’s wish is for a classroom makeover with exercise balls, iPads & a lending library would all benefit students for years to come!

Drawing Date: 12/03/2016

Michelle Magdanz

Grade: 9th – 12th | School: Teenage Parent High School | Location: Tucson, AZ

Michelle’s wish is to provide ten laptops for her students to loan and take home for educational purposed.

Staci McCauley

Grade: K – 8th | School: Ed & Verma Past School | Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Staci’s wish is to provide her school with a speech therapist to help students in need.

Lori Wallenmeyer

Grade: K – 3rd | School: Presidio School | Location: Tucson, Arizona

Lori’s wish is for Chromebooks for the older students in the school!

Emily Bloom

Grade: Kindergarten | School: Eduprize School | Location: Queen Creek, Arizona

Emily’s wish is for a classroom makeover with every student in mind! Flexible seating options, a teaching center, and a classroom library and listening center would greatly benefit young readers and give them a space to enjoy their reading time.

Tatia Lavoo

Grade: 2nd | School: Saguaro Elementary School | Location: Casa Grande, Arizona

Tatia’s wish is for a book wiring program called Student Treasures where young authors can get a book “published”.

Shawn Rutan

Grade: 9th – 12th | School: Cesar Chavez High School | Location: Laveen, Arizona

Shawn’s wish is for a classroom set of tablets for the students to access environmental science information.

Drawing Date: 12/02/2016

Kenneth Bloomfield

Grade: K – 6th | School: Legend Spring Elementary School | Location: Glendale, Arizona

Kenneth’s wish is to provide a weather cover over one of the outdoor basketball courts on our playground!

Georgina Youngson

Grade: 3rd | School: Montebello Elementary | Location: Phoenix, Arizona Sport Foundation

Georgina’s wish is for sports equipment for all the students in the school!

Andrew Dunn

Grade: 8th | School: Paradise Education Center | Location: Surprise, Arizona

Andrew’s wish is to update all of the science lab equipment!

Sandra Bieske

Grade: 7th | School: Rio Vista Elementary School | Location: Avondale, Arizona

Sandra’s wish is to create a 7th grade science closet fully stocked with tools & equipment needed to compete in the Rube Goldberg Competition.

Susan Logan

Grade: 9th – 12th | School: AAEC High School- South Mountain | Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Susan’s wish is for a greenhouse for our Agriculture students!

Martin Wiggins

Grade: 9th | School: Sunnyside High School | Location: Tucson, Arizona

Martin’s wish is to provide two years worth of transportation for students to take field trips to the Tucson Airport to student the effect of Tri-chloroethylene and 1-4 Dioxane contamination.

Drawing Date: 12/01/2016

Robyn Yewell

Grade: 4th & 5th | School: Marion Donaldson Elementary | Location: Tucson, Arizona

Robyn’s wish is to have the opportunity to experience a MakerBot Replicator+. The printer will be used to positively impact our school and students by allowing them to have the opportunity to create whatever they imagine!

Dara Conner

Grade: 3rd | School: Arrowhead Elementary School | Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Dara’s wish is to purchase flexible seating options, new library books and an online math program for her students.

Linda Sullivan

Grade: 4th | School: Starlight Park Elementary | Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Linda’s wish is to provide reading glasses for all students that have poor vision but are unable to afford them.