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One of the most important aspects of the Fiesta Bowl organization’s success is the work of its well-known Yellow Jacket Committee. A group of more than 120 passionate volunteers and community leaders, the Yellow Jacket committee represents the organization in a variety of roles year-round to make the Fiesta Bowl one of Arizona’s most admired organizations.

The Fiesta Bowl is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, and the Yellow Jacket Committee has been a fabric of the organization since its early days more than 40 years ago. Members help operate events; fundraise through donations, ticket sales and sponsorships; perform community service; and support the Fiesta Bowl with all of its activities.

Our vision at the Fiesta Bowl is to be a world-class community organization that executes innovative experiences, drives economic growth and champions charitable causes, inspiring pride in all Arizonans.

Here’s how you can play a part on our team for one of Arizona’s premier philanthropic organizations:

Members help conduct Fiesta Bowl organization events year-round, chairing volunteer committees, producing event operations and promoting the events to the Arizona community. Yellow Jacket Committee personnel are active in events such as the Fiesta and Cactus Bowls, the Fiesta Bowl Parade, Fiesta Bowl Par 3 Challenge, Aerospace Challenge, Kickoff Luncheon, plus other standing committees such as charitable giving, media operations and other specific committees.

Fundraising is a requirement for Yellow Jacket Committee members, through efforts such as selling ticket packages to Fiesta Bowl organization’s year-round events, providing leads to Fiesta Bowl staff for corporate partnerships or sponsorships and securing in-kind donation opportunities.

Uphold the legendary hospitality that is second-to-none and the Fiesta Bowl is known for within the college football Bowl community.

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