2018 Cheez-It Bowl Media Guidelines - Fiesta Bowl | Fiesta Bowl

The JW Marriott Camelback Inn Resort will serve as the primary media hotel for the Cheez-it Bowl. Located just 20 minutes from Sky Harbor International Airport, the hotel is in close proximity to both team hotels and practice sites.

This is where both media days and all press conferences will be held, as well as where all media credentials will be distributed. There will also be a media workroom with complimentary wireless and high-speed internet access and telephones, as well as complimentary hospitality with breakfast, lunch and continuous refreshments and spirits for all credentialed media.

Photo credentials will be required for all media requesting a credential.

No interchange of credentials is permitted. Any outlet planning to cover the Cheez-it Bowl must have its credential needs finalized prior to game day. Credentials may also be obtained on game day at Chase Field will call beginning at 3 p.m.

Complimentary media shuttles will be available at the Camelback Inn from Sunday, December 23 through Thursday, December 27. Shuttles will run from 8:00 AM until 10 pm most days, and a transportation will be available for media to and from game day (December 26). The shuttle service is available to credentialed media only and will go throughout the Phoenix Metropolitan area. It will not be available to pick up media from the airport upon arrival. Visit the media shuttle desk located directly outside the AZ Ballroom for more information.

The Media Lounge, located in the media center, and the Media Hospitality Suite, located at the Manor House, will be open from December 23 to December 27. Please refer to the official media schedule for details on meals and open/close times, as they vary throughout the week.

The Cheez-it Bowl Media Party will take place at the Manor House at Camelback Inn beginning at 6:00 p.m. on December 24.

Limited media access to Chase Field will be available prior to game day. Media must coordinate in advance through Cheez-it Bowl Communications Staff. Per NCAA regulations, the stadium will be closed to media during team walk-throughs. On game day, the press box and digital media will be open to the media beginning at 3:00 p.m. Media may enter the stadium at the Media Entrance, Gate E.

Media members should pre-coordinate their wireless devices online by December 26. Download and complete the online Frequency Coordination Form by visiting www.FiestaBowl.org/Media-Room. Following submission, the requesting media outlet will receive a confirmation email to print and bring to the stadium on game day when the process is completed by turning on the device, checking the approved frequency and tagging it at the frequency coordination location.

Media outlets that do not utilize the pre-coordination option should obtain a Frequency Coordination Form at the Media Center at the Camelback Inn and must initiate the same approval process on game day in the digital media room. To minimize the possibility of interference during the Cheez-it Bowl, all wireless microphones, intercoms, wireless video cameras and IFBs must be frequency coordinated (preferably in advance) and tagged (game day) before they can be used at the Cheez-it Bowl. Cellular telephones and pagers are exempt from frequency coordination. Frequency coordinators Karl Voss and Jim Cole will be stationed outside the Digital Media Room prior to the game to screen all necessary equipment and affix tags. Only cameras displaying the appropriate colored tags will be allowed to operate.

Satellite trucks can begin parking on the TV Pad at Chase Field on game day, December 26, from 6 a.m. to noon. A satellite truck form can be found at www.FiestaBowl.org/media-room and must be completed and submitted to the Cheez-it Bowl Communications Staff prior to game day. All satellite trucks must provide their own power via a generator. On game day, vehicle parking will be located in the garage on the south side of Chase Field and must be requested on the credential request form.

On game day, non-originating telecasters may originate live programming from the field until 45 minutes prior to kickoff. Live programming may resume after ESPN has discontinued its live coverage after the game. Television stations or networks may use a maximum of three minutes of taped footage on news programs only after ESPN has discontinued its live coverage after the game. The graphic -Courtesy ESPN- must accompany all highlights.

Located in the southwest corner, the press box accommodates approximately 80 working media members. There is also a national television broadcast booth, coaches booths, an officials booth, a scoreboard and PA control booth, a stats booth and four radio booths.

Located behind home plate in the Audi Quattro Lounge with access from the field level and service level, the Digital Media Room will provide space for photographers and print media and have televisions to monitor game action. The room offers high-speed internet, wireless internet, phones and power.

A complimentary pregame meal, halftime snack and postgame dessert will be served to all credentialed media in the press box, auxiliary press box and digital media room. Drinks and snacks will be available when the press box opens through postgame.

A professional statistical services company will provide all statistical information. Statistical books, consisting of a scoring summary, individual stats, team stats, quarter stats, descriptive play-by-play, drive charts, defensive stats, coaches and players quotes and new game records will be available as quickly as possible in the press box and Postgame Press Conference Room. A play-by-play account of down and distance will be provided verbally over the press box public address system and over a hard line for television and radio. Quick quotes from coaches and players attending the postgame press conference and quick stats will be distributed as soon as possible in the press box and Digital Media Room.

Photographers and videographers with sideline access must wear their assigned ENG vest at all times shooting the game. They are not permitted within the Team Bench Area (inside the 25-yard lines) at any time and must remain behind the 12-foot restraining line surrounding the field. This policy will be strictly enforced.

Videographers who are granted field access will be allowed to shoot b-roll during the game in three of the four quadrants at Chase Field. Videographers will not be able to shoot in the quadrant nearest the left field foul pole. Questions regarding this policy can be submitted to the contacts below. Diagrams will be provided closer to the game.

All media members are allowed on the field with five minutes or less remaining in the game. The press box elevator will initially leave with seven minutes remaining in the game.

Locker rooms will be closed to media following the game. All media are invited to attend the postgame press conference where the head coach and select players will be available. Upon request and team approval, additional players will be available to the media in stations outside the locker rooms.

The winning head coach and the entire team will remain on the field at the conclusion of the game for award ceremonies. Presentation of the winning team trophy and the outstanding player trophies will be made immediately following the conclusion of the game and broadcast by ESPN.

The head coaches and a minimum of two starters from each team will be available in the Postgame Press Conference Room (located on the field near the media elevator) after a brief cooling-off period. The head coach and starters from the runner-up team will be escorted into the Press Conference Room after a 10-minute cooling-off period, which begins when the head coach enters the locker room. The head coach and starters from the winning team will be escorted into the Press Conference Room after a 20-minute cooling-off period, which begins after the conclusion of the trophy presentation.

Media may return to their seats or utilize the digital media room at the conclusion of the game to file stories.

If you have any questions, please contact the Cheez-it Bowl Communications Staff:
Scott Leightman, Senior Director of Communications
sleightman@fiestabowl.org | 602.565.3147

Jackie Hobson, Communications Coordinator
jhobson@fiestabowl.org | 602-625-5733